BREXIT - FAQS - Members

Updated 14 Dec 2020

The UK will officially leave the EU on 1 January 2021 when the transitional period ends.

How will Brexit affect insurance?

Once Brexit is completed and the transitional period has ended on 1 January 2021, UK businesses, including Insurance companies, will not have the right to automatically carry on business in the EU countries.

I live in the UK or Isle of Man how am I affected?

Unless you plan to move to live in another country, outside the UK or Isle of Man, you do not need to take any action.

Plan terms and conditions have been reworded so it is clearer that if you do move abroad, we may not be able to offer some features of your plan or in some cases, continue with your plan at all. This will depend on the circumstances and which country you are moving to.  Make sure you let us know of your plans well in advance so we can discuss your options.

What should I do if I am planning to move to another country outside of the UK or Isle of Man? Can my plan continue?

It depends.  You should tell us as soon as possible.  After Brexit, different countries in the EU have different rules about what UK insurers can do to support their customers if they go to live in an EU country. As this is specified in each countries’ own rules this could change over time.  The earlier you tell us about your plans the longer we have to discuss with you what we can do to help and to check what would be allowed in the country you plan to move to.

What is Holloway doing to tell Members about the changes?

We are sending a letter to all Members telling them of the changes and how they could impact their plans. The letter can be found here

We have also sent specific letters to those customers who have already moved to an EU country and have helped them work out their options.

What if I travels overseas?

If you become ill or have an accident while abroad but live in the UK or Isle of Man we’ll be able to pay valid claims as before.

What if I make a claim and then travel to the EU?

This will vary depending on the circumstances, why you are going, how long for and whether you plan to return to the UK or Isle of Man, as well as what country you plan to go to.  It’s best to tell us in advance so we can let you know and make and additional arrangements if these are necessary. 

When will more be known?

Brexit negotiations are ongoing and some countries are not finalising their arrangements until they are completed.  Even then, It is possible that things will change over time as it is for each EU country to decide what it will allow to take place.

If you are considering moving to an EU country make sure your contact details are up to date now and let us know. We will update these pages as and when there is new information.

Want to ask us a question?

if you have any questions about Brexit and how your plan may be affected please email us at

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