My Sick Pay

We’ve simplified our proposition from multiple products into one – this makes it easier to understand and advise on.

We’re providing the options advisers asked for, across all jobs.

So now you can offer more attractive cover to more clients.

The basics


We're offering guaranteed and reviewable pricing across all jobs, from accountants to zookeepers.


Choose from age based prices, which start off lower and go up each year. Or level prices that will be more than age based prices to start with, but won’t change with age.

...And more choice

And you can choose how long we'll pay Sick Pay for, whether it's for 1 year, 2 years or to an end date that you choose.


Life Changes Guarantee

We want your client to be able to flex My Sick Pay as their life changes. So we’ve picked out six important life changes based around family, work and home. If they happen, your clients can increase the amount of Sick Pay they have without needing to answer any more health questions.

65% of earnings

Your client can set up Sick Pay of up to 65% of what they earn before tax. We don’t use tiers, it’s a straightforward 65% for all incomes.

Drop in Earnings Guarantee

If your client’s earnings then drop this means they could be left with more sick pay than we usually allow. So we’ve included a Drop in Earnings Guarantee. With this we guarantee to pay a certain amount of Sick Pay, even if your client’s earnings have dropped after they have bought My Sick Pay.

No nasty surprises

Own job

We’ll pay your client Sick Pay each month if they’re too unwell to work in their normal job.

No standard exclusions

Our terms and conditions haven't got any standard exclusions, like HIV or drugs or alcohol, so there’s no need to worry about any nasties hiding in the ‘small print’ if they make a claim.

Fair approach to cost of living increases

If your client wants their Sick Pay to keep up with the cost of living, we’ll increase the amount of Sick Pay they have each month, and what they pay for it, by the same percentage.

Nothing to pay during a claim

We’ll automatically cover the costs of their insurance if your client is claiming, so they get the full benefit of their Sick Pay.

We don't deduct state benefits

We’ll never reduce your client’s Sick Pay because they’re claiming state benefits.

Multiple claims

Your client can make multiple claims, even if they’ve picked 1 or 2 years of Sick Pay and claimed for the full 1 or 2 years. For any new conditions or accidents, they can make a brand new claim. They can even claim again for the same condition after using their maximum amount of Sick Pay, if it’s after six months, and as long as they returned to work. Full details are in the conditions.

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