Holloway Friendly makes changes in response to cost of living crisis

Option to pause insurance and payments introduced in response to cost of living crisis
Member Support Fund introduced for Members needing financial help
All remaining Covid exclusions removed for all new business and existing Members

With the UK’s cost of living crisis starting to bite we wanted to support any of our Members who are struggling with their finances, we’ve introduced the option to pause their insurance and payments for up to six months. The option will be made available to Members who’ve had their insurance for at least three months.

We've also introduced a Member Support Fund and will use this, at its discretion, where we identify Members who might benefit from some financial help.

Stuart Tragheim, CEO said “This has been a difficult year for many people, and we’re seeing an increasing number of our Members impacted. We’re aware that things may continue to get worse in the short term, as we see the consequences of high levels of inflation, rising energy prices and potential increases in mortgage payments, for example. So we feel it’s the right thing for us to be introducing these measures now to do what we can to help. Our Members will be able take a breather from payments if money is tight for up to six months and, we hope, will reactivate their valuable protection when they’re ready. And we’re looking forward to being able to make a difference to people with our new Member Support Fund.”

We've now also removed all remaining Covid exclusions for new business, as well as from all existing Members who had a Covid exclusion applied to their insurance during the pandemic. Advisers and Members impacted have been contacted with the good news.

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