Why choose Holloway Friendly

What makes us a friendly society?

The original idea for Friendly Societies (also called Mutual Societies) came from communities who pulled together to help each other. Because each person put in a small amount each week, they created a significant fund that could help those who encountered problems and were unable to work. Nowadays our Membership is across the UK, but the principle remains.

At Holloway Friendly, we care about our Members. We focus on improving the plans we offer, making the claims process easier for you, our Members Assistance Programme and ensuring our customer service is second to none, so that you feel part of the Holloway Friendly community.

You can find out about Friendly Societies at the Owned By You website.

Friendly Society features

Our Members first

We listen to you our Members, and develop solutions that work for you.

Personal claims approach

We work with you to decide what works best for you; including a step by step claims process and Member Assistance Programme.

We pay claims

In 2019 we paid 94% of claims.

Member stories

From the horse's mouth A vision of a better life

A farrier describes how a back injury from an accident nearly put an end to his career... Eyesight problems affected Kerry's ability to get out of the house, let alone get to work...

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"When I injured my back, I just couldn’t really handle the heavy lifting part of being a farrier and my business really started to suffer.

Luckily, Holloway Friendly not only arranged for intensive physiotherapy – which the NHS wouldn’t give...

"When I started to have problems with my eyesight, it didn’t just prevent me from working, I was also unable to drive.

Since I lived out in the countryside, this was a real problem, but then one morning I got...

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