Why have income protection?

Do I need income protection?

Accidents and illnesses happen. They are facts of life. But what would happen if you were unable to work?

Your employer's sick pay may only cover you for a few months at best. The self-employed don't even get that. So what happens to the bills, the mortgage – and everything else that your income used to cover? Unless you have savings, you're in trouble. And you're on your own.

With Holloway Friendly income protection you don't have to worry. Not only do we supplement your income, we also provide support to get you back to work – and your life back to normal.

Over your working lifetime, your income is worth far more than your car, your house or its contents. You insure them, but without an income you can't afford them. Your whole lifestyle is at risk. Why leave yourself exposed?

Income protection: how it works

Covers illness, accidents and injury

Our Plans cover you whether you get ill or have an accident or injury - whether it happens at work or not.

Covers you from when your sick pay ends

Not only can you choose when your Plan will start paying, you can also choose to have payments for the full term of your Plan or limited to one or two years.

Provides support to help you get life back to normal as soon as possible

We provide rehabilitation treatment if you need it, and you can use our 24/7/365 Member Assistance Programme for counselling and legal advice.

Pays up to 65% of your income before tax

Our Plans provide you with a replacement income to spend as you need on your mortgage, bills and other essentials.

Our Plans cover you for your Own Occupation

We pay out if you cannot do your job; some 'any occupation' Plans will only pay out if you cannot undertake any form of paid employment.

Optional saving element with a lump sum payment upon Plan end date

Our Classic Plus Plan comes with an investment element designed to give you a payout at the Plan end date.

Member stories

From the horse's mouth A vision of a better life

A farrier describes how a back injury from an accident nearly put an end to his career... Eyesight problems affected Kerry's ability to get out of the house, let alone get to work...

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"When I injured my back, I just couldn’t really handle the heavy lifting part of being a farrier and my business really started to suffer.

Luckily, Holloway Friendly not only arranged for intensive physiotherapy – which the NHS wouldn’t give...

"When I started to have problems with my eyesight, it didn’t just prevent me from working, I was also unable to drive.

Since I lived out in the countryside, this was a real problem, but then one morning I got...

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