GP Consultations

Free and unlimited GP consultations with HealthHero

If you’re insured with Holloway Friendly, we’ll give you free access to the fantastic 24/7 GP service from HealthHero. 

We’re also making it available for your partner and children under 18 to use, if they’re living with you, as many times as you need it.

With the choice of video or phone appointments, we think it’s the smart way to see an experienced, practising GP. Here’s what you get…

Faster healthcare

You can book an appointment to speak to a HealthHero GP, usually within 24 hours. Meaning faster appointments and quicker help and treatment.

24/7 appointments

You can choose whether you want your GP to be male, female or either. And whether you prefer a video or phone consultation.

Then you can choose an appointment time that works best for you. 

With no need to make a trip to the GP surgery, your consultation could be at home with a breakfast coffee, during your lunch break at work, or even in the middle of the night.

Available both weekdays and weekends, the GPs at HealthHero flex around your busy work and family life.

Prescriptions, referrals and fit notes

At the end of your consultation, your HealthHero GP will be able to email you a private prescription if you need one, that you can collect from thousands of chemists.

They can also provide you with referral letters and fit notes, just like a regular GP.

How it works

1. Register with HealthHero

    Click here for the Holloway Friendly registration page. You’ll just need your insurance policy number.

    2. Create your profile

      Fill in a few details to create your profile, login details and password.

      3. You’re ready to go

        When you need an appointment, log in, and you can pick a male or female GP, video or phone appointment and a time slot.

        There’s no app to download, and you’ll get a handy reminder before your appointment.

        As a GP, they can prescribe medication, make referrals and provide fit notes if it’s needed.

        4. Partner and children

          You can also book appointments for your children aged under 18 using your profile. And your partner can create a profile too by using your policy number.

          They just need to be living with you.

          What else you need to know

          Is HealthHero GP part of my insurance contract?

          No, it’s something extra we give you to say thanks for being with us. Whilst we hope to offer it for the long term, we can’t guarantee it will be available for the full length of your insurance, and it’s possible the service could change from time to time.

          Do HealthHero share my personal or medical information with Holloway Friendly?

          No, we don’t receive any individual’s information from HealthHero, they keep it securely and privately.

          The only information we share with HealthHero is our insurance policy numbers, so they can check whether someone is able to register through Holloway Friendly. 

          Do HealthHero share information about my NHS consultations with my NHS GP?

          They won’t share details of your consultations without your permission.

          There are certain medications that they aren’t able to prescribe to you unless you provide your permission to let your GP know, for health reasons, but they’d explain that if they need to prescribe one of these.

          What qualifications do HealthHero GPs have?

          HealthHero GPs are all fully qualified GPs with UK-based NHS experience. Their GPs are continuously monitored to ensure they maintain their skills to the highest standards.

          Do HealthHero GPs make NHS prescriptions or private prescriptions

          They can provide private prescriptions where appropriate. For many medications, these can actually cost less than NHS prescriptions. However, you always have the option to contact your GP to ask for an NHS prescription after the consultation instead.

          Can I use the service in emergencies?

          You must not use the service for emergencies or urgent conditions. If you believe that you’re in an emergency or life-threatening situation, you should contact your local emergency services immediately.

          You may still need to see your own GP or contact the emergency services if the GP you speak with feels it’s necessary.

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