Second Opinion Service

If you’re diagnosed with a serious condition, sometimes it can be worrying, confusing or stressful.

Sometimes you might want a second opinion on a diagnosis or the treatment that’s been recommended. 

So, in partnership with HealthHero and Healix, we’re providing free access to a second opinion service. 

To be eligible, you’ll need to:

  • Have been treated by a consultant who’s completed their investigations, with the results available, and you’ll need to be able to provide access to these; and
  • Have been given a firm diagnosis by your consultant, or they need to have reached the conclusion they can’t explain the condition and they’ve tried all the relevant and available diagnostic tests

The second opinion service will then find a suitable expert from their network of clinical specialists across the UK (for example cancer care, cardiology and orthopaedics), who will speak with you and review your medical records. 

They’ll be able to either reassure you that they feel you’ve been given the right diagnosis and treatment, or discuss whether there could be an alternative cause or alternative treatment options. 

To access this service, you can call 0345 222 3730. They’ll ask you some questions to check the service is right for you, then guide you through the next steps.

An extensive network of clinical specialists across the UK, particularly in cancer care, cardiology and orthopaedics, are available to provide patients with more clarity regarding treatment options and diagnosis. 

The following are examples of conditions that can be reviewed for a Second Medical Opinion:

• Alzheimer’s disease
• Aortic surgery
• Aplastic anaemia
• Bacterial meningitis
• Benign brain tumour
• Blindness
• Cancer
• Coma
• Coronary artery- bypass surgery
• Deafness
• Heart attack
• Heart valve replacement

• Kidney failure
• Loss of independent existence
• Loss of limbs
• Loss of speech
• Major organ transplant
• Major organ failure on waiting list
• Motor neuron disease
• Multiple sclerosis
• Occupational HIV infection
• Paralysis
• Parkinson’s disease

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