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Kerry Evans

Age: 54
Occupation: Training and Education Assessor
Condition: Nystagmus Rapid Eye Movement
Eyesight problems affected Kerry's ability to get out of the house, let alone get to work...

"When I started to have problems with my eyesight, it didn’t just prevent me from working, I was also unable to drive.

Since I lived out in the countryside, this was a real problem, but then one morning I got an unexpected gift…"

"I was determined to get back to work and found a part-time telephone sales support role but I wanted to understand if this would affect the benefit payments I got from Holloway. I also told them that I was having a problem getting to work as I lived in a rural location."

We could see Kerry’s problem. Living out in the country without a car had made her virtually housebound for months. That’s why Kerry was desperate to get back to work – not so much for the money but for the human contact. So when she did find a suitable job, we were pleased to help her with a £500 contribution towards the cost of the 3-wheeled bike she needed to commute.

Just getting out of the house was a huge step and we were delighted to see her life getting back to normal. Kerry wrote to thank us admitting to "a few tears" when she received the money and explaining how this was "the first step towards getting some independence back".

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