he who walks forth in the morning, proud of the strength... may be stricken with sickness or accident before night

George Holloway

Holloway Friendly was founded in 1880 based upon the principles of George Holloway the welfare and reforming MP for Stroud. Holloway Friendly and the contract that bears its name was the first provider of disability insurance in the UK hence the generic term ‘The Holloway Contract’. The Society now has thousands of members, all enjoying the benefits of mutuality.

These pages are here to provide you with information on your Society and the products and services which it has to offer. From here you can log in to your policy administration pages and update us with any changes to your address, occupation or contact details or just refresh your memory as to the policy you hold with us.

We've also provided you with all the information to help you make a claim, any documentation you need to send us is clearly noted and we've made it easy for you to download all of our forms. And just in case we've not been as clear as we could have been our claims teams telephone number is provided throughout the notes.

You'll also be able to find out more about the FCA's Treating Customers Fairly initiative, as a mutual society our philosophy has always been to put its members first and to improve our own processes wherever possible so we have found it easy to support this initiative.

Throughout this website we've tried to make it as easy to understand as possible but, sadly, there is some jargon that we just have to include. So for this we have a helpful glossary to explain some of the terms you'll find. Of course if you think we missed any or could actually do better in any way then you can let us know, all of our contact details are on the 'contact us' page.


If you need advice on your policy please speak to your financial adviser. We are only able to provide information. If you no longer have a financial adviser, please visit who provide the UK's largest directory of financial advisers and can link you up with someone based on your need and location.