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We provide income protection. Only income protection. In fact, we invented income protection, so we’ve got a great history and story to tell.

We’ve been around since 1875 and understand what it takes to keep the bills paid and help clients continue with their chosen lifestyles if they’re unable to work for a while. It’s almost 150 years since George Holloway invented income protection to support our Members through sickness and injury, and the same principles are just as important today as they were then. Login and and take a look at our video that explains the Holloway Friendly brand, and why our approach to underwriting is different.

As a mutual society we’re owned by our Members, so our people are ultimately responsible to them. Our profits are either distributed to Members or invested back into the business to provide better value and service.

We’re committed to protecting the incomes of working people for their benefit, their families benefit and the wider economy. People trust us to support them in good times and bad.

We never stop finding ways to improve our products and customer services, so that we can meet the needs of every Member. Our aim is to make protection more accessible to everyone.

Our supportive, well designed plans and prudent management have established a strong financial base that will ensure we are around for many years into the future.

Simple, clear plans. Great service.

All this is delivered through our network of knowledgeable Financial Advisers – people like you.

We don’t just support those who are out of work. Every Member can access and benefit from our comprehensive programme of care including our Member Assistance Programme so that they always feel valued and respected.

There are so many great reasons for you to partner with Holloway Friendly - this section explains why. It provides the background of our business and gives you reasons to work with us.

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