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It's time to view things differently

Income protection should be the cornerstone of your client’s protection needs. Although it might not get the attention it deserves? Accidents and illnesses happen. They are facts of life. But what would happen if your client was unable to work because of illness or injury?

If your client is lucky enough to get sick pay then great, but this may only cover a few months’ worth’s of bills at best. The self-employed don't even get that, and have to stand on their own two feet straight away.

So what happens to the good stuff that we love, such as family outings, holidays, entertainment, as well as the day to day necessities like the bills, the mortgage – and everything else that your client’s income has to pay for?

Do your clients have savings? A good conversation topic would be how they would like to spend their savings and whether they would really be happy to use them to fund their loss of income instead of the reason why they are actually saving? After all, there is enough evidence that people do not save.

Bottom line, your client is in trouble. And they’re on their own.

With Holloway Friendly’s income protection there is no need to worry. Our products will replace some of your client’s income, and we also provide support to get them back to work and their life back to normal.

Income is the client’s lifeblood and allows them to continue to do what they love to do. Without it, what pays for all their family activities, their car, their house or its contents, their pets? These are the sort of things that are commonly insured but what happens if an income stops?

Your client’s lifestyle is at risk. Why leave them exposed?

  • The opportunities offered by income protection are significant as so many clients and prospective clients do not have this vital cover
  • This section provides our insight of the IP market  and provide you with tools and aids that show why IP is such an important product for your clients and your business.

There is also content on State Benefits to help you get a better understanding of this vital area and how it works with IP.

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