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We believe that the market for income protection is significantly underdeveloped. Simply, there is not enough focus on supporting clients to survive financially during and after illness.

The market focus on ‘lump sum’ protection products is understandable – after all, who would not want a significant lump sum, either to support a family following the premature death of the breadwinner, or on the diagnosis of a critical illness.

But we believe that there is a significant blind spot in the market about illnesses and injuries that can lead to loss of income. What replaces the lost income to allow a client and their family to carry on financially?

Rather than shrug and accept things as they are, we want to support you and provide you with help and assistance to increase your focus on income protection which in turn will help your clients.

Clearly one of the reasons for being a Financial Adviser is to build your business, and we want to help you achieve this. Register to watch our videos that set out different marketing approaches depending on your experience.

This section provides material to support you developing focused campaigns to both existing and new clients.

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