Why choose Holloway Friendly?

Nicola, Finance
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What makes us a friendly society?

The original idea for Friendly Societies (also called Mutual Societies) came from communities who pulled together to help each other. Because each person put in a small amount each week, they created a significant fund that could help those who encountered problems and were unable to work. Nowadays our Membership is across the UK but the principle remains.  

At Holloway Friendly, we care about our members. We focus on improving the Plans we offer, making the claims process easier for you, our members assistance programme and ensuring our customer service is second to none, so that you feel part of the Holloway Friendly community.

You can find out about Friendly Societies at the Owned By You website.

Friendly Society features

Our members first

We listen to you our members, and develop solutions that work for you.

Personal claims approach

We work with you to decide what works best for you; including a step by step claims process and Member Assistance Programme.

We pay claims

From 1st July - 30th September 2017 we paid 96% of claims.

A seafarer's tale

How we helped George recover from the trauma of an accident at sea - when there was no one else to turn to...

It’s tough seeing one of your crew lose his life at sea. No wonder I got anxiety issues and eventually stopped working.

My GP only prescribed me anti-depressants, but Holloway Friendly was determined to go a bit further to help me out and get my life back on track…
George Middleton
Read George's Full Story

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To contact Holloway Friendly:

Member Support:

Call: 01452 526 238
Freephone: 0800 716 654


Call: 01452 782 754

Adviser Support:

Call: 01452 526 238


Call: 01452 782 760