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Almost 140 years ago George Holloway, then MP for Stroud, invented income protection because he thought local people deserved a way to maintain their income if they couldn't work due to accident, illness or injury. We believe that to this day and now provide a choice of three income protection plans to a membership that stretches across the whole country.

We work hard to help if you can’t work through accident, injury or illness. We will do whatever we can both to protect your income and to get your life back to normal as soon as possible. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

In short, we look for reasons to pay claims rather than excuses not to – which is why we are not just proud but delighted to say that we pay out on 96% of claims (year ending 31 December 2017).

What is a “Holloway Contract”?

George Holloway’s original idea was not only to replace lost earnings arising from illness or injury but also to help members to build up a cash sum at the chosen retirement age.

This became so popular that the Holloway name became attached to any income protection plan that also included an investment element.

While there are now a variety of products to save and invest money for our retirement, “Holloway contracts” are still sold by many insurers alongside protection-only plans.

Facts and figures

Helping workers and their families since 1880

Almost 140 years of helping our members protect their incomes and lifestyles.

Stable and secure society

Industry-leading plans and prudent management have established a strong financial base for the future.

All valid claims will be paid

We look for a way to pay claims, rather than reasons not to. We paid over 96% of claims last year.

Why are our customers called members?

Because Holloway Friendly belongs to all of you

As a mutual society we have no outside shareholders, we are owned by our members and exist solely for your benefit. The people who work here are ultimately responsible to you. Our actions are dictated by you. And the profits we make are either distributed to you or are invested in the society to provide better value and higher levels of service.*  

*Entitlement to share of profit is dependent on the plan you own.

Get involved!

You can get involved with the running of the society - it is your society after all. Every year we hold an Annual General Meeting which is your chance to meet members of the Board and staff, voice your views and vote on the important issues facing the society.

Find out more about Mutual Societies and the benefits of being a member.

Meet our people

The faces you see around this site are our very own people. The same people who pick up the phone, answer your queries, and deal with your claims. 

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