We all tend to take our health for granted but every year through no fault of their own and sometimes quite suddenly many people find themselves off work as a result of illness or an accident. All manner of bills still have to be paid, not just mortgage and utility bills but food and fun things for the family. How many of us could afford not to have an income?

As the original provider, Holloway Friendly offers policies designed to provide valuable income protection cover at an affordable level. Each of these policies allow you to protect your income in the event of being unable to work due to accident or sickness, offer a range of options enabling you to tailor the policy to your own circumstances and are flexible for the future.

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Short Term IP

Provides up to 2 years income protection with guaranteed premiums and the option to guarantee benefits on a level or escalating basis. Minimum term is 5 years. Deferment periods of 1,4,8,13 and 26 weeks are available. Maximum age at application is 59 years of age.

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Purely IP

A straightforward income protection policy with all the benefits of our other policies but with no investment element. Designed to provide a value for money income protection policy for those Purely interested in protecting their income.

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Classic Plus

Our established policy, providing most value to those that are in a manual or skilled occupation but with no occupational loadings so everyone can benefit. Premiums include a small investment element for those who like the idea of a potential tax-free lump sum at retirement.

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Commuted Plan

The commuted plan is an investment only contract designed to provide a tax free cash sum at or after retirement.

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