But the strongest man alive cannot be certain of his health continuing during a single day

George Holloway

We've been around for over 130 years, in fact we were the first to offer disability insurance in the UK* but that hasn't made us complacent over what we do. 

We offer income protection plans most based on the 'Holloway' principle of No Occupational, Gender or Smoker loadings and of a 'Pay As You Go' premium table (guaranteed on all our policies). You'll find everything you'd expect from Income Protection in our plans, waiver of premium, escalation option, premium holidays, rehabilitation & proportionate benefit and terminal illness benefit but none of the add-ons that just complicate and increase the premium.

If it's your first time here we know you won't have had the time to read all of our Key Features Documents and Terms and Conditions so we have produced a product quick guide. If it's not your first time the guide is a good way to refresh your memory (welcome back by the way).

*Source: Gen RE